Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that herpes viruses infect high proportions of population groups around the world with some countries having rates of infection above 38According to the U.S. Public Health Service, there are 730,000 new cases of genital herpes in US men and 930,000 new cases in women each year. The current estimate of infection by HSV-2 in the US is nearly 22% of the population . One calculation of the potential spread indicates that genital herpes may affect 39% of women and 49% of men aged 15 to 39 in the US by 2025. More than half of all persons infected with HSV-2 suffer periodically from recurrent lesions.

We believe the clinical data gained in the therapy of genital herpes will allow us to effectively and efficiently design therapeutic vaccines for the relief of other long lasting viral diseases including HIV, Human Papilloma Virus, Epstein Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus.