Research and Development

On Safety and Efficacy

1:  ΔPK eradicates cancer stem cells (CSCs),1 which are thought to be a cause of metastasis.2  If this action is confirmed in clinical trials, this will be a paradigm change in cancer treatment.2

HSV-2 have been shown to destroy tumor cells in breast,15, 3 lung4, head/neck5, pancreatic6, renal7, prostate8, brain9, ovarian10 and malignant melanoma.15, 11

  1. ΔPK showed complete eradication of malignant melanoma in an animal model – showing no remaining cancer stem cells.15
  2. ΔPK has been injected at 106 pfu in 16 human subjects showing no side effects greater than placebo12 and no severe side effects. In addition safe in intracranially13 and intraperitoneally14 injected animals15

The safety and efficacy of ΔPK in animal and cell models are superior to any other oncolytic virus.

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